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(updated on Jun 2024)
TechnologyPrincipal InvestigatorStatus
BiobreyerMarco OliveiraPIPE Phase 2: Production of pilot batches in GLP and non-clinical studies of a new PEG conjugated Asparaginase for the treatment of neoplasias (FAPESP 2023/13176-1)
Base-verdeAdjaci UchoaPIPE approved: Use of sugar cane leaves to obtain chlorophyils, carotenoids and production of anti-acne drugs (FAPESP 2019/16380-3), on-going.
BioLambdaCaetano SabinoPhotonics, illumination devices, anti-covid19 technology. FAPESP PIPE 2017/22406-0, finalized.
EthikTechnologiesMaurício da S. BaptistaEspecialized in photonics field. The company just delivered an equipment for exposome measurement, especially developed for CEPID Redoxoma.