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Seminários realizados

Seminars held

    Bruce Morgan
    Development of novel genetically encoded sensors to interrogate subcellular redox regulation
    Gustavo Salinas
    No oxygen, no problem: alternative electron transport chains in animals
    Lívia Teixeira
    Lipid droplets contribute to sepsis-associated hepatic dysfunction and inflammation
    Ursula Jakob
    Early Life ROS as Modulators of Lifespan and Age-Associated Diseases
    José Silva Neto
    The transition metals iron and zinc as essential determinants of Chromobacterium violaceum infection
    Tiphany de Bessa
    Endoplasmic reticulum - plasma membrane contact sites as potential hubs for redox signal integration
    José Angeli
    Shielding of Phospholipid Oxidation by 5,7-unsaturated Sterol Metabolites
    Andrew Wojtovich
    All-optical spatiotemporal mapping of ROS dynamics across mitochondrial microdomains in situ
    Roberto Sitia
    Errare proteicum est. How non -native disulfide bonds and intrinsically disordered protein regions shape immunity