CEPID Report - Technology Transfer Developments (2)


- New drugs based on lead inorganic compounds: The reactivity of coordinated metal ions, particularly oxindolimine compounds, can be modulated by designing proper ligands with appropriate structure to interact with biomolecules. Their action mechanism involve specificity of intracellular targets and redox reactivity. In order to fully exploit the potential of these drugs several members of the CEPID Redoxoma are contributing in this project. These compounds were demonstrated to be active against neuroblastomas, sarcomas, melanomas and as anti-parasitic (Moraes et al 2015; Nunes et al 2015; Aranda et al 2016). A first patent on this subject was filed in 2013 (Costa Ferreira et al, 2013) and another in 2015 (Aranda et al, 2015). Selenium nanoparticles recently prepared by CEPID team also showed important anti-cancer activity, providing data to support a patent application (Colepicolo et al 2016).

EE Aranda, AM da Costa Ferreira, K Araki, TA Matias, CP Luz, FL N Marques. Antitumor compounds, processes for its production and uses. Patent protected under code BR 10 2015 001045-1, INPI/SP, 2015.

EE Aranda,TA Matias, K Araki, AP Vieira, EA de Mattos, P Colepicolo, CP Luz, FLN Marques, AM da Costa Ferreira. Design, syntheses, characterization, and cytotoxicity studies of novel heterobinuclear oxindolimine copper(II)-platinum(II) complexes. J. Inorg. Biochem. DOI:10.1016/j.jinorgbio.2016.08.001.

P Colepicolo,  AM da Costa Ferreira, AP Vieira, EM Stein, DX Andreguetti, GC Torrejón. Processo de Obtenção de Nanopartículas de Selênio, Nanopartículas de Selênio e Uso das Mesmas. BR 10 2016 012928 1.

AM da Costa Ferreira, GL Sabino, RA Couto, QA de Paula, BS Dario (IQ-USP, São Paulo); GA Ribeiro and LQ Vieira (UFMG, Belo Horizonte). Indole or oxindole and respective oxindolimine derivatives as potential antiparasite agentes BR 10 2013 026558-6, INPI/SP, 15/10/2013.

J de Moraes, BS Dario, RAA Couto, PLS Pinto, AM da Costa Ferreira. Antischistosomal activity of oxindolimine-metal complexes. Antimicrob. Ag. Chemother. (2015) 59, 6648-6652. DOI:10.1128/AAC.01371-15.

CJ Nunes, BE Borges, LS Nakao, E Peyroux, R Hardré, B Faure, M Réglier, M Giorgi, MB Prieto, CC Oliveira, AM Da Costa Ferreira. Reactivity of dinuclear copper(II) complexes towards melanoma cells: correlation with its stability, tyrosinase mimicking and nuclease activity. J. Inorg. Biochem. (2015) 149, 49–58. DOI: 10.1016/j.jinorgbio.2015.05.007

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