CEPID Report - Technology Transfer Developments


The TechTransfer reports on achievements of the CEPID team that have supported claims of intellectual property as well as discoveries that are giving support to collaborative technological projects with companies. These technology achievements are mainly concentrated in the areas of pharmaceutics and environmental chemistry/biology. In the biennium 2015/2016, CEPID members filed four patents. There are several on-going technological projects with private companies. One medical service is provided free of charge to underserved populations (Table 1).

Table 1. Technological Transfer achievements during the biennium 2015/2016

Patent Environment Lubrasil BR 10 2016 014409-4
Patent Pharmaceutics IQUSP BR 10 2015 001045-1
Patent Pharmaceutics IQUSP BR 10 2016 012928-1
Patent Pharmaceutics IQUSP BR 10 2016024262-2
Tech Transfer Environment Lubrasil Construction of a reactor
TechTransfer Environment CH5 HPLC method
Tech Transfer Pharmaceutics FarmaService FUSP-1874
Tech Transfer Pharmaceutics Hospital Anchieta Medical Services
Tech Transfer Photonics BioLambda New products
Tech Transfer Photonics EthikTechnologies New products
Tech Transfer Sun protection Interface Solutions New products

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