Workshop: Redox Signaling and Transcription

Workshop: Redox Signaling and Transcription

Data: 03/10/2016
Local: ICB IV –Anfiteatro Rosa

Inscrições: pelo e-mail redoxworkshopicb@gmail.com, até 26/09/16

Organização: Profa. Dra. Lucia Rossetti Lopes

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9h00 Opening comments
Cristóforo Scavone (ICB-USP)
Session I: Pivotal role of Nox in redox signaling and transcription
9h30 Francis Miller (Duke University, USA)
Integrated Micro-RNA Regulation of Nox enzymes: a new therapeutic target in Atherosclerosis
10h30 Interval (coffee break)
11h00 Francisco Laurindo (InCor-FMUSP)
Protein disulfide isomerases in redox signaling and homeostasis
11h30 Lucia Rossetti Lopes (ICB-USP)
Nox2 regulates inflammation by modifying thioredoxin-1 redox-state
12-14h00 Lunch
Session II: New insights in redox signaling and disease
14h00 Hugo Monteiro (UNIFESP)
NO signaling in cancer: role in tumor progression
14h30 Luís Eduardo Soares Netto (IB-USP)
Peroxiredoxin structure and biological function
15h00 Cristóforo Scavone (ICB-USP)
Redox therapy in aging processes: new targets
15h30-16h00 Interval
16h00 Roger Chammas (ICESP)
Revisiting the cellular and molecular basis of melanoma chemoresistance: opportunities for redox mediated therapy
16h30 Adam Benham (University of Durham, UK)
A role for ER oxidoreductases and redox signalling in gastro-intestinal disease
17h00 Final considerations

Foto: Marcos Santos/USP Imagens
Edifício Biomédicas IV
Anfiteatro Rosa - Térreo
Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 1730 - Cidade Universitária "Armando Salles Oliveira"
Butantã - São Paulo - SP - CEP 05508-900

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