2022 Annual Meeting of RIDC Redoxoma


Jul 25 and 26, 2022


Rua da Biblioteca, 21
Cidade Universitária São Paulo - SP
Biblioteca Brasiliana
Auditório István Jancsó

July 25, 2022 – Day one

Scheduled timeSpeaker/Title
9:00am–9:10am Ohara Augusto
Welcome to the 2022 RIDC Redoxoma meeting
9:10am–9:15am Sayuri Miyamoto
Highlights — Biomolecule Oxidation and Function (Aim 1)
9:15am–9:35am Marcia Silvana Freire Franco
Deuterated polyunsaturated fatty acids inhibit photoirradiation-induced lipid peroxidation in lipid bilayers
9:35am–9:55am Rodrigo Faria
Plasmalogens: pro-oxidant actions of an "antioxidant" lipid
9:55am–10:15am Felipe Jun Fuzita
Cysteine Redox Switches in Response to Oxidative Stress in Rat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells
10:15am–10:45am Break
10:45am–10:50am Luis Netto
Highlights — Thiol-based redox proteins (Aim 2)
10:50am–11:10am Beatriz Pereira da Silva
Peroxiredoxin AhpC1 protects Pseudomonas aeruginosa against the inflammatory oxidative burst and confers virulence
11:10am–11:30am Rogério Luis Aleixo-Silva
Structural and biochemical characterization of LsfA, a 1-Cys Prx related with Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence
11:30am–11:50am Francisco Laurindo
PDIA1 acts as master organizer of NOX1/NOX4 balance and phenotype response in vascular smooth muscle
11:50am–2:00pm Lunch
2:00pm–2:05pm Alicia Kowaltowski
Highlights — Redox Signaling (Aim 3)
2:05pm–2:25pm Júlio Ferreira
Exercise preserves fitness capacity during aging through AMPK and mitochondrial dynamics
2:25pm–2:45pm Vitor Ramos
Mitochondrial calcium transporters regulate autophagy
2:45pm–3:05pm Francisco Laurindo
Peri/epicellular Protein Disulfide Isomerase regulates platelet-endothelium interaction in hyperglycemia
3:05pm–6:00pm Poster Session

July 26, 2022 – Day two

Scheduled timeSpeaker/Title
9:00am–9:05am Francisco Laurindo
Highlights — Therapeutic, diagnostic and environmental applications of redox processes (Aim 4)
9:05am–9:25am Alicia Kowaltowski
Adiponectin activates beta cell ATP production, promotes insulin secretion, and prevents damage promoted by obesity
9:25am–9:45am Fernando Garcez Porto
Protein Disulfide Isomerase-A1: a novel protective factor against aortic dissection
9:45am–10:05am Júlio César Batista Ferreira
Aldehydic load impairs miRNA maturation in heart failure
10:05am–10:30am Break
10:30am–11:00am Maurício Baptista
Highlights — Innovation and tech transfer
11:00am–11:30am Carmen Fernandez
Highlights — Education and science dissemination
11:30am–12:30am Todos
General Discussion: Redoxoma's future

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