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The Research Center of Redox Processes in Biomedicine, the RIDC ("CEPID") Redoxoma, is a network involving 21 researchers from the State of São Paulo and several collaborators, including international researchers. Its headquarters is the Instituto de Química, Universidade de São Paulo and it has 19 other member Institutions. The network is funded by São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP, through CEPID program (Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers).

RIDC Redoxoma was established to develop high quality research on redox mechanisms relevant to cell homeostasis and pathologies with an emphasis on chronic-degenerative human diseases (cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammatory, protein aggregation and environmental diseases). The research results are transferred to educational activities, in which we train next generation teachers and researchers, and to dissemination activities, to increase general public awareness for science. Whenever possible, the research results are transferred to the public and private sector to generate social or commercial gains.

It is well established that oxidants and free radicals are formed in living organisms by redox processes, which occur continuously during metabolism and during interactions with the environment. On the other hand, accumulated evidence indicates that healthy organisms rely on the precise adjustment of their redox processes and that dysregulation of redox processes can lead to pathologies. However, the mechanisms by which redox processes are regulated or dysregulated remain little understood, constituting one of the major challenges of the biomedical field. Such a challenge is the one to which the RIDC Redoxoma aims contributing to overcome.


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