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The Research Center of Redox Processes in Biomedicine, the CEPID Redoxoma, is a network involving 24 researchers from the State of São Paulo and several collaborators, including international researchers. Its headquarters is the Instituto de Química, Universidade de São Paulo and it has 19 other member Institutions. The network is funded by São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP, through CEPID program (Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers).

Mission: To investigate the mechanisms by which oxidants and radicals act as mediators of physiological and pathophysiological networks attempting to transfer the research results to commercially and/or socially relevant applications, as well as to education and dissemination of knowledge.

Oxidants and free radicals are produced in organisms by oxidation and reduction processes (redox).

The health depends on perfect regulation of redox processes.

Deregulation of redox processes lead to diseases, including chronic diseases.

The study of redox processes can elucidate disease mechanisms and reveal new therapeutic targets. In practical terms can lead to the design of novel therapeutic, nutritional and environmental strategies and to the development/improvement of industrialized products.


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